Junk Removal is Preventative Maintenance

If you take time now to get your junk hauled away, you will save money and time later. We have been to many job sites to collect yard debris, appliances, furniture, clothing, and other trash. On too many occasions, we have been called to do work after many items have accumulated, both indoors, and outdoors.

When we move away the junk or debris, we often find wood structures that have rotted underneath, build-up of weeds or grass, bugs, dead animals, rodents, and other unsightly things. Wood can be a delicate material, and sometimes difficult and expensive to repair or replace. The problem with bugs is that what you see with your eyes may not always be the whole story. Bugs often lurk beneath surfaces, making their homes, and wreaking havoc for months or years.

For us in the desert, rodent problems in our homes and yards can lead to snake problems. If you have children, vulnerable adults, or pets, snakes can lead to bad situations. You can save yourself construction/maintenance costs, pest control costs, landscaping costs, and hospital and doctor bills by getting those junk and debris piles hauled away today.